About Us


We want a family more than anything!


Zac and Danielle met in 2010 at their church.  They both find the Christian faith and Jesus Christ a very important part of their lives.  Any child under their care will certainly attend church with them every Sunday.  Not only because its important for them but because Zac works for the church as a youth director and Danielle sings on the praise team.  Zac and Danielle were married in 2014 and have created a home together with ample space for additions.  


Zac's hobbies included board games, cooking, trying new foods, and travel.  Danielle's hobbies include baking, embroidery, quilting, singing, and travel.

Together Zac and Danielle enjoy traveling.  They have been to Mexico, Bahamas, Australia, New Zealand and many other places.  They can't wait to share these experiences with their future family. 


Meet Us


Youth Director


I have lived and worked in Indiana my whole life.  I have a Bachelors in media communication and a Masters in children, youth and family ministry.  I am currently a youth director for a Church. I love to travel and spend time with family.


Registered Veterinary Technician

I moved around several times growing up as a pastors kid.  I have always lived in Indiana.  I have an Associate Degree in veterinary medicine and I currently work in the surgery department.


Nursing Home Therapy Dog

I love to play frisbee.  I am well trained and good with people and kids.     

Our Extended Family

A child joining our family will have...

4 great grandpas

3 great grandmas

2 grandpas

2 grandmas

2 uncles

1 aunt

2 cousins

They will have several great uncles and aunts and many 2nd cousins.

They will all love them very much!



We are adoption ready!  What does that mean...?

We have taken several steps to make sure that we are qualified and financially able to care for a child.  We are working with a licensed adoption agency in the state of Indiana.


Please review everything that was needed in order for us to be able to adopt. 


Extensive Background Checks - Passed

Criminal History Checks - Passed
Fingerprinting - Passed

Drug Testing - Passed

Health Screening - Passed

Physical Examination - Passed

Required Documents For Adoption Agency:
Tax Returns
Birth Certificates

Marriage Licenses

Three Reference Letters

Employment History

Extensive Questionaire

Family History



Basic First Aid

Blood Borne Pathogens
Med Core A & B

Home Study

A home study is where a licensed social worker comes to your home and make sure that the home is a safe and clean environment. 

Please see the check list below...



  • Autobiographical statement

  • Parenting plan statement

  • Driver’s license(s)

  • Birth certificate(s) of everyone who lives in your home

  • Social security card

  • Marriage certificate if applicable

  • Divorce decree(s) if applicable

  • Military discharge(s) if applicable

  • Past adoption decree(s) if applicable

  • Green card(s) if applicable

  • Financial information

    • Latest income tax return and tax returns for the last 2-3 years

    • Verification of employment (most recent pay stub, letter from your employer, or a statement stating that you are not working)

    • Proof of insurance: (home, health, life, auto)

  • Physician statement(s) of health status for applicants and everyone living in the home

  • Immunization records

  • Passport(s) if adopting internationally

  • Pet vaccination records if applicable


  • Criminal background check

  • Child abuse and neglect clearances for every state/country you’ve lived in for at least the past 5 years (if applicable – depends on country you are adopting from)

  • FBI clearance

  • Sex offender clearance

Household Items and Safety Considerations

  • First-aid kit

  • Working carbon monoxide detector

  • Working smoke detectors on every floor and near or in the child’s room

  • Medications, vitamins, cleaning products, other toxic substances out of child’s reach

  • Screen covering a fireplace or wood stove

  • Covered kitchen trash

  • Fire extinguisher near the cooking area of the home

  • Covered outlets

  • Gates for stairs

  • Windows have secure screens and locks

  • Household heating equipment has appropriate safeguards

  • Fencing around swimming pool or pools of water

  • Hot tub has a locked top

  • Emergency telephone numbers visible

  • Evacuation floor plans available

  • Firearms in locked container with ammunition stored in a separate locked container