Adoption Application for Zac and Danielle

We are fortunate to have known Zac for over 20 years growing up though our school-aged years together. K’s parents have known Zac’s parents and grandparents for decades prior to that. We were so blessed to meet Danielle in the earliest stages of their blooming relationship almost 8 years ago and have grown to love and appreciate them so much both over these past many years. 


Zac has an evident passion for children. Looking at his career pathing, you can see this clearly in his employment in youth ministry and in his involvement with youth mission trips and organizations. 


Danielle is an extremely caring and compassionate individual. She works to care for animals at an animal hospital and is also aids Zac in many youth functions at their church. 


We see them going above and beyond in their relationships, always showing up when friends or family need help, or simply love and support. They’ve been a blessing to our own two girls, D and H, whose eyes light up when they hear that Zac and Danielle are coming to visit.


Zac and Danielle have a strong relationship that is rooted in their love and trust in Jesus Christ. They met in church and their shared faith has laid a firm foundation for their marriage. They have been married for almost five years and during that time we have witnessed their relationship growing stronger and deeper, particularly through this trying time seeking avenues to parenthood. 


For K and I, our children are our lifeblood, our reason for getting up in the morning, and our motivation to toil to succeed in all facets of life. In our living will and testament, we have chosen Zac and Danielle to be the legal guardians for our children if we were to become unable to care for them. The decision we made in choosing Godparents was not taken lightly. We considered who in our lives would be most nurturing, committed, capable, compassionate, and selfless toward our children in an instance we would be unable to do so ourselves. Both in their work and personal lives, their compassion for children and love of others is crystal clear.


Zac and Danielle work together to live out and show the love of Christ in their youth group, and they care for their nieces fervently. We can vividly see their desire to show that love to children of their own. A child in their home would be an overwhelming blessing that they are so deserving and extraordinarily capable of. We know that a child to whom they can express their love and affection has been a missing piece in their hearts, and we yearn to see them experience the indescribable joy of raising up children of their own.


In a time when many parents are unwilling or unable to care for their own children, Zac and Danielle would be an exceptional choice to fill the void and would undoubtedly bring both peaceful respite and encouraging guidance to any child blessed with their love.


Thank you for your time, and your willingness to read our letter. We hope you are encouraged by these words, and through the vetting process, you will believe with the same conviction we do that Zac and Danielle are the most ideal candidates for adoptive parents you are likely to encounter.