It gives us great joy to recommend Zac and Danielle as adoptive parents.  When we learned that our dear friends hope to adopt a child, we were immediately on board.  There is no one we know of  with bigger hearts or more open minds than this happy couple.  Adoption would truly complete their desired family. 


Zac and Danielle are financially secure and well-positioned to provide for a child’s material needs.  More importantly, they are both empathetic, caring people ready to take on the challenges of parenting a child that they are blessed to welcome into their lives.  Even in social settings, both Zac and Danielle are drawn to connect and interact with children who may be present.


Zac is on staff at Church, and both he and his wife are actively involved in different areas of service and ministry.  Children naturally gravitate toward this couple, due in part to their boundless energy.  Both Zac and Danielle will give to a child much affection.  They are a couple who are affectionate towards one another with often touch, hugging and affirming.  They will provide a home where there will be love, acceptance, and self-respect displayed.  Zac and Danielle’s faith and church involvement will also permeate their home life. 


Also, in my observation, they will be able to clearly communicate rules and boundaries for their family.  Zac and Danielle are resourceful, goal oriented and will be committed to long-term parenting. 


We strongly urge those involved to approve this adoption.  It’s time for our friends to become parents, and it’s time for a child to find a loving home with them.  The child will have the privilege of growing up knowing what love, support, guidance, and being part of a stable, traditional, faith-filled family unit is.