We have personally known Zac and Danielle since August of 2018. We met when J. became the Worship Director at Church. Zac and J share an office, and all of us quickly became friends.


Zac and Danielle have been an incredible part of our support system through our fostering journey. They are
kind, strong, compassionate, and honest people who would make wonderful parents.


Zac and Danielle have helped with our foster children on many occasions. They are quick to pray for us, lend a helping hand, or just support us with encouraging words.

Danielle and K often discuss and dream what life will be like once we are both
raising kids at the same time.


Zac and Danielle have a great relationship. In the ups and downs they have facedthrough life, including their journey to parenthood, they continue to work together, support one another, and are still strong in their faith.

Zac and Danielle contain all of the qualities that would make them good parents. They are gentle but firm, organized, established, kind, caring, patient, and secure in their faith. Any child, of any age, would be blessed to join their family.

Zac is a soft-spoken, problem solver who always sees things through. He would make a great father as he has shown patience and great leadership as a Youth Group Director.

Danielle is a very kind and compassionate person who seems to be aware of the feelings and circumstances surrounding her. Danielle has a huge heart for people and animals, as she works with both every day. She would make a very loving and nurturing mother.

We highly recommend Zac and Danielle as adoptive parents.